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IPL SHR OPT Hair Removal Machine

OPT shr hair removal machine

IPL SHR Laser Hair Removal Machine Advantages

1. IPL + SHR together
2. Fast hair removal
3. Up to 10HZ with motion treatment
4.15mm*50mm big spot size
5. Six functions together:
hair removal + skin rejuvenation + vascular removal + wrinkle removal + acne removal + pigmentation removal
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OPT shr hair removal machine
How to work
Working principle of shr hair removal machine

Working principle of IPL SHR Laser Hair Removal Machine 

SHR stands for Super Hair Removal. Adopts Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT), it is the most advanced adoption of pulsed light for hair removal and skin rejuvenation.The working principle is heating the dermis to a target temperature gradually, the target temperature will damage the hair follicles and prevent the hair regrowth, meanwhile avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue.
OPT energy is stable and dose not decrease however the traditional IPL energy decreases by every pulse.
Every pulse of OPT release the same energy,but the energy of the traditional IPL is unstable,the wave decrease.At the highest wave,it is easy to scald the skin,and at the lowest wave,the treatment result is not so good.

OPT Precipulse Technology

1. Multi-pulse technology makes treatment more efficient through selectively adopting different pulse width and duration on different target tissues.
2. Perfect square, balanced energy output and “in-motion” treatment will be well realized.
3. Epidermis will be maximally protected and gradual increasing of epidermis temperature is guaranteed.
4. Target tissue reaches treatment temperature rapidly so as to guarantee therapeutic result.
5. Totally comfortable treatment, no side-effect.
How to operate SHR machine


IPL SHR Laser Hair Removal Machine Features

1. Big spot size: 15*50mm
2. High power energy: 2500W.
3. Five filters: 480nm /530nm /590nm /640nm /690nm.
4. The lamp is from Germany, the lifetime is more 300.000 shots.
5. The maximum frequency is 10 HZ, the treatment speed can reach 10 shots each second.
6. Best cooling system:water+wind+semiconductor+sapphire, thus ensure that the treatment is totally painless.
7. Six functions :hair removal+skin rejuvenation+vascular removal+ wrinkle removal+ acne removal+ pigmentation removal.
IPL SHR Laser Hair Removal Machine Functions
640nm: Hair removal 
480nm: Vascular therapy
530nm: Skin rejuvenation
530nm: pigmentation therapy
590nm: Wrinkles removal
690nm: Acne therapy
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Accessories of IPL SHR OPT Hair Removal Machine

SHR hair removal treatment before and after
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Technical Data of SHR Hair Removal Machine
Model  BW-187
Energy 2500 W
Frequency 1-10 HZ adjustable
Power density 1-50 J/cm2 adjustable
Spot size 15mm * 50mm
Cooling water + wind + semiconductor + sapphire
Main functions hair removal, skin rejuvenation
Filters official standard of 5 filters
Screen 8.4 inch color touch display
Packed size 72x57x59cm   
Gross weight 41kg

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