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Shockwave Therapy Machine

 Shockwave Therapeutic Apparatus for Sell

Advantages of ShockwaveTherapeutic Apparatus

1. Noninvasive: Noninvasive treatment method prevents surgery and the possibility of relative danger.
2. Immediate results: Immediate clinical result brings patients a momentary pain relieving experience.
3. Wide application: Wide range of application enables it to deal with some symptoms, such as tennis elbow.
4. Precise location: Advanced design allows the precise location of action site as well as the little impact on surrounding tissues.
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Working principle of Shockwave Therapeutic Apparatus

Shockwave can penetrate through skin surface to reach the painful parts(Its massage effect can get into as deep as SMAS layer) When it enters human body, different mechanical stress effects produce on different tissue interfaces due to different contact media.Embodying in different tensile and compressive stress force to cells. As a result, the minimal damage of affected tissues triggers the healing reaction during which process not only are blood vessels created but also local nutrition supply is increased.


Capable of making the pressure increase rapidly in a short time and reduce slowly for a while, shockwave is a kind of me chanical pulse wave transmitted through physical medium. This equipment transforms the sound wave produced by air into precise ballistic shockwave which together with the location and movement of treatment head can take wonderful effect in releasing pain occurring on various body parts. For the time being, its clinical efficacy has been in a plenty of medical literature.
 Gow Does Shockwave Therapeutic Apparatus Work

Mechanism effect of Shockwave Therapeutic Apparatus

1. Analgetic function
     Reduce muscle tone
     Restrain muscle cramp and fiber pain
     Strengthen the dispersion of substance
2. Stimulate recovery
     Strengthen collagen synthesis
     Improve metabolism and microcirculation
     Promote the rebirth of ligamentous vessels
     Stimulate the activity of osteoblast in order to promote bone growth
3. Activity recovery
     Promote the reabsorption of calcium deposit
Adaptation diseases of Shockwave Therapeutic Apparatus
1. Diseases of soft tissue pain
     Periarthritis of shoulder, achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, low back pain, tennis elbow
2. Orthopedic diseases
     Bone ununion, pseudarthrosis, femoral head necrosis in early and middle period
3. Other diseases
     Myospasm, burn and plastic, impotence cure, cardiovascular disease, wound healing
Parameter Show Shockwave Therapeutic Apparatus

Technical Data of Shockwave Therapeutic Apparatus
Model   SW-1
Power 400W
Pressure 1~6bar
Frequency 1~20HZ
Single dotting number 100~9950 shots
Total shots of hand piece 0.3~0.5 million
Screen 8-inch color screen
Gross weight 32kg
Packing size 48x62x37cm
Voltage 220V/110V, 50HZ/60HZ 

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