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Features of CO2 Laser For Gynecology Machine

1. Tighten vagina –Fast tightening, lasting constriction, tightness to improve 60%;
2. Clean the vagina – Deep anti-aging, young level to improve 80%;
3. Moist vagina – Improving secretion, moisture level to improve 80%;
4. Pink vagina: Vaginal rejuvenation, lighten pigment and pinks labia parts, delicate degree to improve 70%.
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IPL+SHR+ND.YAG Laser Three-in-One Machine

How Does CO2 Laser For Gynecology Machine Work

Principle of  CO2 Laser For Gynecology Machine

The CO2 laser is a technology widely used in Gynecology to treat the intimate area of women. The treatment with CO2 laser has a medical and aesthetic purpose and  its main objective is to improve the quality of the functional and sexual life of the patients, and their esthetics.
Gynecology: It is performed with a fractional CO2 laser that produces an immediate contraction of the vaginal mucosa and urethra. Thanks to the biostimulation that it performs on the mucosa and the subepithelial chorion it generates collagen with a more contracted wall. A mucosa with more layers of cells and more glycogen inside, that is to say, a more healthy and renewed mucosa.  It is a minimally invasive procedure, ambulatory,fast recovery .The fractionated CO2 laser  emits tiny beams of light that penetrate the skin to the dermis in the form of hundreds of thermal columns. These columns  are small microscopic wounds that are surroundedby healthy tissue, which is the tissue that contains keratinocytes, the cells are capable of promoting rapid healing and a high production of collagen.

Screen Show of CO2 Laser For Gynecology Machine

Applications of CO2 Laser For Gynecology Machine

1. Gynecology
       The fractional CO2 laser produces a thermal effect that stimulates the production of collagen 
       in the cells and tissues of the vagina. This new collagen recovers the vaginal function in an integral way:
       • Reduce the diameter of the vagina.
       • Reconstitute the vaginal pH.
       • Recover the tone and lubrication of the vagina.
       • Return control of the force in the vagina.
       • Replaces the urethra to prevent urine leakage.
       • Improve vulvar melanosis
       • Remove Wrinkles of Face, chest, hands and arms, Facial Rejuvenation
       • Scars, Acne Scars
       • Stretch marks
3.Surgical cut
        Mainly used for cutting on blepharoplasty, skin tags (warts) and ingrown nails , compound nevus and intra dermal nevus.

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CO2 Laser For Gynecology Machine Treatment Before and After

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Parameter Show of CO2 Laser For Gynecology Machine
Parameter of CO2 Laser For Gynecology Machine
Model  BW-203
Wavelength  10600nm
Power  1-40W adjustable
Language  English & Spanish
Mode of therapy  Fractional / Surgical Cut / Gynecology
Scanning Graphs (fractional) Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Hexagon, Straight Line
Graphic size  01mm * 0.1mm-20mm * 20mm adjustable
Scan Mode  In order, mid-split, disorder
Distance between points Adjustable 0.1-2.6mm
Duration  1-10ms adjustable
Interval 1-5000ms adjustable
Scan times  1-20th adjustable
The transmission of light Articulated arm with 7 joints and balanced weight
Screen 8 inch color touch screen
Pulse mode Single point, super continuous pulse, Dot matrix
Scanning Graphics (Gynecology)  circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Hexagon
Package Size 96 x 56 x 108cm
Gross weight   72KG
Voltage  110V / 220V

Fractional CO2 Laser Machine Video For Gynecology

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