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Portable CO2 Laser For Gynecology Machine

Portable CO2 Laser For Gynecology Machine

CO2 Laser For Gynecology Machine is mainly for vaginal tightening, skin tightening, fractional skin resurfacing, acne removal, wrinkle removal, whitening, pore minimization. CE, ISO, FDA Approved

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Principle of CO2 Laser For Gynecology Machine

Gynecology Mode
CO2 laser uses an articulate arm probe with automatical 180° rotation technology, promoting tissue contraction, restructuring and regeneration; To improve vaginal mucosa microcirculation, increase cell secretion and dynamic reaction function, correct PH value of vaginal inside, improve the inside environment, and achieve female private parts to significant lasting firming, nourishing and restoring harmonious sexual life.
Fractional Mode
CO2 Fractional delivers 10600nm laser (a beam of infrared light ) into dermis by form of hundreds of thermal columns. Laser only covers chosen target area and leave the untreated surrounding tissue intact. Fractional Laser lead to a series biochemical reactions within the tissues, obtaining skin resurfacing, acne removal, scar removal, stretch marks, stains and warts treatment. The untreated tissue helps to accelerate the healing process and rejuvenate the skin by promoting microcirculation and new cell genesis.

Screen of Portable CO2 Laser For Gynecology Machine 

Features of CO2 Laser For Gynecology Machine

1, 3 working mode: Gynae, Fractional and Surgical
2, Multi-language setting, like English and Spanish
3, The screen which is folded up and down can be rotated 180°, beautiful appearance and easy to operate
4, Importing American laser metal tube can keep laser skin resurfacing machine deeper penetration and longer lifespan
5, Importing Korean Articulated arm protecting keep the energy of laser output loss reducing
6, Importing German energy supplier can ensure a longer life and stable voltage

Application of CO2 Laser For Gynecology Machine

Vagina rejuvenation 
Reduces the diameter of the vagina
Reconstitutes the vaginal ph
Recovers the tone and lubrication of the vagina
Returns control of strength in the vagina
Reposition the urethra to prevent loss of urine
Skin resurfacing 
Eliminate wrinkles, acne
Eliminate scars, stretch marks
Remove stains, and facial skin rejuvenation
Aesthetic surgery
Mainly used for cutting on blepharoplasty , skin tags (warts) and ingrown nails , compound nevus and intra dermal nevus  

Treatment Before and After of Portable CO2 Laser For Gynecology Machine
 CO2 Laser Parameter Show

Technical Data of Portable CO2 Laser For Gynecology Machine
Model  BW-203B
Mode of therapy  Fractional / Surgical Cut / Gynecology
Wavelength  10600nm
Power  1-60W adjustable
Scanning Graphs (fractional)  Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Hexagon, Linear
Graphic size  20mm * 20mm(MAX)
Scan Mode  midspilt, random, normal
Distance between points  0.1-2.6mm adjustable
Duration  1-10us adjustable
Interval  1-5000us adjustable
Scan times 1-20th adjustable
The transmission of light Articulated arm with 7 joints and balanced weight
Screen 10.4-inch color touch screen
Pulse mode  Single point, Super continuous pulse, Dot matrix
Scanning Graphics (Gynecology)  Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Hexagon
Language  English & Spanish
Package Size  76 x 48 x 36cm
Gross weight  31kg
Voltage 110V / 220V

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