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Getting freckles is very bothering to some people, because their appearance isn’t as satisfied as before. And also it will make people feel unconfident. But with social development, plastic surgery is very popular now. And the freckles become easy to remove, the picosure laser freckles removal is becoming more and more welcome. 


So what advantages of picosecond laser freckle removal have replaced ordinary laser freckle removal?


1. Different wavelengths

The wavelength of the picosecond and the ordinary laser is different in the laser working principle. Through wavelength and pigment spectrum conversion, it can be seen that the removal rate of a picosecond is more than 8 times that of ordinary laser freckle, which means that picosecond freckle can be faster to remove stains, the shorter the use time is, the less likely it is for the tissue where the pigment is located to absorb the accumulated energy and spread to the surroundings in a short time. The energy is largely limited to the tissues that need to be treated, protecting the surrounding tissues. Normal tissue, which also determines the removal ability of picosecond freckle.


2. Different pulse width

The pulse width of picoseconds is shorter than that of ordinary lasers. Under this pulse width, the light has no time to be converted into heat energy, and it has been absorbed and expanded by the pigment tissue. It is equivalent to picoseconds with 7 times the pigment breaking power of ordinary lasers, which can instantly hit spots. It is smaller, can remove stains more effectively, and reduces pigment residues, making it difficult to rebound.


3. Different repairing power

Picosecond has more repairing power than ordinary laser freckle. It can more effectively stimulate the regeneration of dermal collagen and the reorganization of elastic fibers. It can not only remove stains but also whiten and anti-aging.

picosure laser machine 

picosure laser machine

So are there any side effects for picosecond laser freckle?

1. After picoseconds laser treatment, the skin will feel swelling and even blisters. This is a reaction caused by skin irritation. Cold compresses can be used. This phenomenon will return to normal in about a week. If it is serious The person needs to consult a professional doctor in time and deal with it.

2. The skin is dry after picoseconds. This is because the pigmented tissue is removed during freckle removal. The skin needs to be metabolized and produce new tissues. The body must continuously provide moisture. Therefore, regular skincare, facial masks, and sun protection are necessary after the operation. of.

3. Anti-black after picoseconds. Anti-black is an autoimmune reaction of skin inflammation after irritation. Pay attention to eating habits and daily routine, pay attention to sun protection, and skincare, and it will subside after about 2 months.

The side effects of picosecond freckle removal are very small, and the focus is on postoperative care. Of course, any surgery is risky, so before choosing a freckle removal method, you must refer to the advantages of each method and memorize the precautions.



Our company Bestview is the professional picosecond laser freckle removal machine manufacturer, we have our R&D laser department, so we can custom the machine as per your requirements. 

Please check the machine below to check more details:

            picosure laser machine

picosure laser machine

Our picosecond laser machine videos:


Portable picosure laser machine




Vertical super picosecond laser machine:


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