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Multifunctional machines are very popular among the crowd because one machine with multiple functions can customers’ treat requirements and save a lot of treatment time, very convenient. And it combines multiple machines into one, which greatly reduce the cost of production and storage space. 


BESTVIEW is a professional multifunction beauty equipment manufacturer with an independent R&D department and a large number of research and development results, such as SHR + Diode Laser + ND.YAG multifunctional machine, which is one of world-renowned beauty equipment.


SHR + Diode Laser + ND.YAG multifunctional machine came out and attracted a large number of customers. Let us know it more!

 Machine Features 

For SHR: 


For Diode Laser: 


For Nd:YAG Laser:


Machine Advantages


Machine Applications


Machine Parameters

Machine Display



  • BESTVIEW Medical Beauty Smart I

    Congratulation on the upcoming launch of Medical Beauty Smart IoT /BESTVIEW 2021

  • FDA Diode Laser

    2021 BESTVIEW US FDA Approved Diode Laser

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