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Picosure laser is very popular now because it can remove a lot of skin problems, such as tattoo removal, acne scars removal, wrinkle removal, pigment removal, etc. Multi-applications, effective treatments, that’s why the picosure laser are welcome than other lasers. 


Bestview is a professional picosure laser machine manufacturer in China, we have our R&D department to develop new machines for different kinds of skin problems. 


In this article, we will share with you all things about the picosure laser. If you are interested in our picosure laser machines, welcome to contact us, we will get back to you within 12 hours. 

picosure laser machine  

picosecond laser machine

1. What is a picosecond laser?

A picosecond is the world's most advanced honeycomb laser freckle instrument, is the use of picosecond laser ultra-fast speed of melanin particles smashed into powder, and then by lymphatic metabolism, to achieve the freckle effect. The unique picosecond honeycomb head is more targeted at melanin, softer on the skin, and can shatter melanin instantaneously.

2. Can the spot be removed?

Picosecond skin cleaning laser USES very short pulse output mode, USES the benefit of the photomechanical shock wave to replace the thermal effect, shatters the target into the smallest particles, and reduces the side effects of the photothermal effect to, can achieve almost all kinds of pigment spot purpose. Fine melanin granule metabolizes faster, the facial ministry can present white bright skin qualitative response naturally.

picosecond laser applications

3. Finish skin picosecond laser treatment can rebound?

A picosecond is not peel, skin, three days whitening seven days freckle products, picosecond laser is the skin bottom melanin particles broken into powder, and then metabolism. But later also want to pay attention to protection, because melanin is active, for example, the ultraviolet ray is basked in, stay up late, the skin is short of water for a long time, endocrine maladjustment can stimulate melanin particle of melanocyte secretion in large quantities. So later you should pay attention to strengthen the sun, do a good job of hydration, pay attention to rest, will be controlled very well.


The picosecond laser spot is not dependent, is not to say that it is impossible to appear again stains, if the body in a state of "imbalances" for a long time, and do not pay attention to prevent bask in skincare, endocrine factors of formation of the spot, do not pay attention to the words, also has the potential to grow back, grew out of its regulation cannot remove, must be resolved by the outside world can the body metabolism.

4. Side effects? Can the skin get thinner and thinner?

No side effects, because the treatment time is picosecond level, 1000 times faster than traditional laser instruments, and at the same time only for melanin, before it has time to destroy the surrounding skin, the treatment is over, so there will be no side effects. Picosecond laser crushing melanin blasting force is very strong, to make a metaphor, compare the color spot to a stone, laser freckle instrument need to do 10 times to treat, picosecond only needs to be 2 to 3 times, so that the skin does not need repeated stimulation and repair, so the skin will never become thin.

5. Does it hurt?

In the treatment process, there will be a prickling sensation, the pigment distribution will be more obvious, but the speed will be very fast, 5-10 minutes will be over, and the pain is completely bearable.


6. Will it redness and swelling? Does it affect getting to work?

It won't redness, it won't affect your work, and you won't blush after you finish it. In addition to the individual constitution, the cuticle thinner skin will have reddish symptoms. It slowly recedes after 12 hours.


7, will anti-black?

Some people can have the phenomenon that fights black, but time is very short 3, 7 days because after cutaneous second burst melanin, metabolize to skin cuticle from base layer again, and the skin is more anti-black effect is better actually, this says base layer pigment is extracted very thoroughly.


(Pigmentation belongs to secondary pigmentation after inflammation, which may be due to individual factors such as excessive sun exposure and dark skin color after treatment. Pigmentation after freckle removal is a normal phenomenon. After treatment, avoid sun exposure as much as possible. Oral vitamin C, tranexamic acid tablets, whitening pills, etc.)


8. Will there be scabs after you finish?

Can scab wants to see the type of spot, some spot wants to do burst, some spot need not burst. If you want to burst the spot will scab, but the skin seconds do spot scab is very thin, basically do not see the scab, 3 days to a week or so will fall off naturally.


9. When can I wipe my face after I finish?

If it is the spot without blasting, you can wipe your face normally the next morning. If the spot with blasting is scab off, you can wipe your face normally. (Do not use hormone-related products to wipe your face after skin second freckle removal, but cooperate with professional repair products.)


10.Can you leave a scar after finishing?

This is not, because the speed of picosecond is picosecond level, and picosecond is specific, only for melanin, with picosecond balloon will not burst, it only for melanin, the balloon will not burst, let alone your skin?


(Since the specific wavelength of picosecond laser can reach the pigment tissue of the lesions through the epidermis and dermis, it only plays a role in pigment particles, and the epidermis of the skin is not damaged, so there will be no scars on the skin. Picosecond's characteristic function is to selectively absorb pigment in the skin (black, blue, green, brown, red, brown, etc.).


11. How long will it take to see the results?

It depends on whether the spot should be exploded or not. If the spot is exploded and the scab is removed, the effect can be seen. If the spot is not exploded, the effect can be seen after one month.


12. Do you need to use freckle removing product to control it?

Freckle after the completion of the project needs to be replenished, at the same time has a special repair function of the product. Chloasma needs to cooperate with oral administration, because chloasma also calls endocrine maladjusted spot, the guest of chloasma oneself go to a hospital to look for a doctor to prescribe medicine to be ok.



13. Do not understand the picosecond, is it safe to use freckle products?

Freckle products must contain lead mercury, the skin is harmful to the body is also harmful, after removing the spot skin cuticle thin, appear red blood silk, the skin becomes sensitive, and then you may feel the effect is good, but after some time the basal layer of melanin will grow out. Freckle products can not be fundamentally freckled, on the contrary, will cause skin damage, and femtosecond does not need any control pigment products, it is the use of femtosecond laser ultra-fast speed of melanin particles smashed into powder, and then by lymphatic metabolism, freckle effect.

14. Skin second freckle can it?

Dermatosecond freckle removal generally requires about 1 to 5 treatments clinically, with an interval of about 1 month for every two treatments. The number of picoseconds is mainly related to two factors: 1) Different skin types, different types of spots, different treatment times of picoseconds, large and dark spots are also different times of treatment. 2) The energy regulation of the picosecond instrument and the use of honeycomb head will also be different.


15.Skin second freckle after how to maintain?

Therapeutic equipment and therapists are the dominant, and postoperative care for dermis freckle removal is also important to ensure efficacy and reduce recurrence.


Postoperative precautions:

  1. There will be slight redness, swelling, heat, and pain at the treatment site on the day of dermis freckling, which is a normal phenomenon.

  2. Some lesions will have scab skin, this is usually in 7 to 10 days after the spontaneous fall, pay attention not to use your fingers to scab away, you can use special cosmetic oil to soften the natural fall off.

  3. Do not wash your face within 24 hours after freckle removal, and use professional medical-grade cleaning products after 24 hours.

  4. After receiving laser freckle removal treatment, apply professional repair products on the treatment site.

  5. Sunscreen is very important: the treatment site will be very sensitive to the sun, after treatment to apply professional physical sunscreen. At the same time try to avoid exposure to strong light. (Medical grade sunscreen is recommended) and do not sweat and steam for 20 days.

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