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Congratulation on the upcoming launch of Medical Beauty Smart IoT /BESTVIEW 2021

On 6 December 2021, the BESTVIEW R&D and Design Department was officially launched. China's first medical aesthetic intelligent IoT platform research and development project will soon be launched. The project aims to collect, analyse and solve after-sales machine operation faults in real-time, to help customers deal with after-sales problems on time. No more waiting for after-sales service when you choose BESTVIEW Beauty!



The Medical Beauty Intelligent Internet of Things platform is precisely targeted at each machine sold. Machine operation is monitored in real-time and machine fault alerts and solutions are automatically collected, analysed and sent. This platform will solve the international after-sales problem once and for all. Let customers all over the world buy with confidence and use with peace of mind. Machine faults can be    solved without leaving home.

The after-sales service of the Medical Intelligence IoT platform is reflected in three main segments:

1. Real-time monitoring.

Beatview loT


Global distribution of machines, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania e.g. Display the total number of machines,      their start-up status and fault conditions.


Through this section, we can extract a lot of valuable information.


On the one hand, you can clearly see the number and percentage of fault distribution by continent, which facilitates the coordination of     the international market share and international after-sales dispatch.


On the other hand, it is possible to see the number of breakdowns in a certain period time, region, equipment type and number, and to     see the alerts in case of breakdowns. This facilitates timely communication and coordination to solve machine faults.


2. After-sales product management.

You can find information on all equipment sold in this section: 

A. Maintenance tips.

bestview laser


Every machine sold will receive a maintenance reminder from us during the after-sales period.


During the warranty period of the equipment, we will give reminders in the first and third months of the first year; in each month of the second year, we will give maintenance reminders.


B. Fault indication.

beatview beaytu


In this panel, you can see information about equipment faults and the status of the messages. If the machine breaks down, it will alert and also send an automatic message to the user. 

3. Work Orders


bestview medical

Access to all messages from the service platform and replies to customer messages to facilitate timely resolution of machine breakdowns.


As a professional developer and manufacturer of medical & aesthetic devices, BESTVIEW Medical has achieved a great many ground-breaking innovations since its beginning in 2001. More than 40 kinds of state-of-the-art products not only can meet the needs of dermatologists and beauticians but also have been received recognition and praise from our customers.

Still afraid to import a machine because you are worried about the difficulty of solving after-sales problems? Choose BESTVIEW for a worry-free after-sales service.

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