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Influenced by the global Covid-19 epidemic, the laser beauty machine supplier Bestview decided to hold the 2021 annual meeting in the office to cooperate with the China epidemic prevention and control work.


At the annual meeting, we mainly summarized BESTVIEW's development achievements in 2020, set tasks for the development in 2021, and rewarded outstanding employees who have made contributions to the BEST VIEW.


At first, under the warm introduction of the host, all employees of BESTVIEW warmly welcomed General Manager Jia to speak on stage.


Mr. Jia said: " In 2020, under the background of a significant decline in global trade affected the Covid-19 epidemic, our company's overall turnover showed a trend of the first decline and then rise, exceeding expected growth, which fully reflects the strength and potential of our company. In the future of 2021, I hope we will continue to move forward courageously, improve the quality of services and products, further expand the international market, and strive to become the best leader in the medical aesthetics industry......"


laser beauty machine supplier


Then, each department head gave a speech that set the direction and goals for each quarter and proposed a reward system that motivates employees to achieve those goals.


laser beauty machine supplier


After the speech, the host led everyone to hold a lottery activity. The prizes range from the first prize to the third prize, and the prizes are different for different levels. In this session, everyone was looking forward to becoming the lucky one, which was very exciting.


laser beauty machine supplier


 Finally, we launched the team expansion game, and the winning team won the game prize. Subsequently, the department leaders successively awarded game prizes and outstanding employee awards to employees.


laser beauty machine supplier

laser beauty machine supplier


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