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Tattoos usually have some meanings. It's quite normal that people get big or small tattoos. And it also means that people may want to get rid of the tattoo quickly. So the tattoo removal is their demand. 


The laser tattoo removal machines working principle and some reference posts


Usually, tattoo removal with laser is now the best choice. That’s because the specific laser can break the tattoo color ink into small particles. And then the skin cells will swallow those particles. 
Sounds easy? That’s right. The laser tattoo removal treatment is not as complicated as the high technology in movies. 
To some people wanting to remove the tattoos, the tattoo removal price is also a significant factor in their consideration list. They would regret if knowing the cost of tattoo removal is out of their mind... But back again, if the tattoo size is large and has multicolors, the tattoo removal price will also be high. The cost depends. 
According to a survey, there are millions of people who have tattoos. And it means the tattoo removal market demand is enormous. If you want to jump into this tattoo removal business, then you come to the right place! We have published some posts to start up tattoo removal business workshops. These posts below may help you:
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If these posts above not enough for you, please turn to our new center to check more details. Or contact us. 


Laser tattoo removal machines introduction:


As we wrote above, laser tattoo removal breaks the color ink into tiny small particles. The skin cells will swallow them. That means the process will take some time. After all, tattoo removal is not as easy as wash away the dust on hand. 
Now you know that the laser is effective in tattoo removal. But is there one laser that can remove all color tattoos? This is good, suppose, but the answer is no. There are different laser that can remove tattoos; usually, there are YAG laser and picosure laser or picosecond laser. So we call the tattoo removal machine with these laser YAG laser machine and picosure laser machine or picosecond laser machine. 
The first we want to introduce is the Nd Yag Q switched laser. The summary words for the  q switched nd YAG laser tattoo removal machine is economical and cost-effective. This machine is always hot-selling because it’s a portable laser tattoo removal machine and easy to operate. You don’t need to set up so many parameters when doing the treatment. Another important reason is that this machine can do it’s work very well. 
Let me introduce this machine briefly
1.  It has three types of laser wavelength(532nm, 1064nm, 1320nm). Maybe you don’t know what the numbers mean, but remember that this portable laser tattoo removal machine is suitable for all color skins types and tattoos.

q switched nd yag laser tattoo removal machine

q switched nd yag laser tattoo removal machine



2.  The maximum power can reach 1600mj, while another laser can only get 1000mj. The bigger that number is, the cleaner it can remove the tattoos. 
3. The frequency is 1-10HZ, it means the laser can fire ten shots per second, while ordinary machines only have 1-5HZ or 6HZ.


Besides the laser tattoo removal, this machine also has multiple functions:

1. 532nm wavelength: remove light color pigments like shallow red, brown, pink, etc. 
2. 1064nm wavelength: remove deep color pigments like black, blue, scarlet red, bottomless coffee, etc. 
3. 1320nm wavelength: professional for skin rejuvenation, blackhead removal, skin whitening, etc.

q switched nd yag laser tattoo removal machine

Q switched nd yag laser tattoo removal machine video

The second machine is our picture laser machine

The picture laser tattoo removal machine is more complicated than the Q switched nd YAG laser tattoo removal machine. Let me put their difference with simple English: picosure laser machine’s frequency and power are higher than q switched nd YAG laser. So they can break the ink color into “sand” rather than particles. I hope the word “sand” here can help you a better understanding. 

picosure laser machine


You can know what I mean by the below image:

Picosure laser machine

Picosure laser tattoo removal machine video:

And our picture laser machine has four advantages than others, and you can turn to the product details page to get more information. 

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