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Laser Treatment For Freckles

Freckles are regular skin problems, but they have a great influence on the daily life of women. And even some patients have little knowledge about the freckles, therefore they missed the best time to cure the freckles. As a result, freckles make their appearance very bad. 
What on earth causes the freckles? There are physiological and genetic reasons. Can the freckles be cured? The answer is yes, there is a laser freckle removal service in many of the beauty clinics. But how much do you know about the laser freckle removal treatment? Does the service is the right one that you paid the laser freckle removal cost? We are a laser freckle removal machine manufacturer in China, we suggest that you should collect some information before taking the freckle removal treatment.
There are common 3 wavelength laser do the freckle removal treatment, they are 694nm, 755nm, 1064nm. But which one is better and suitable to do freckle removal and deserve the freckle removal cost the clinics require. 
The ideal wavelength for treating pigmented lesions:
1. Match the absorption peak of the target color base as closely as possible.
2. The competitive absorption of other color bases is minimized.
3. Penetration enough.
Below are the standards:

1. High melanin absorption

laser treatment for freckles


In the figure above, the black line represents melanin. From the data in the figure above, all three wavelengths absorb melanin, but from the peak of absorption, 694nm has the highest absorption rate of melanin, and the absorption coefficient is between 11-15. 755nm is close behind, and the absorption coefficient is 8-10, followed by 1064nm, and the absorption coefficient is only between 4-5. The absorption rate of melanin decreases with increasing wavelength. The longer the wavelength, the less the melanin absorption.
Therefore, the higher the melanin absorption, the more obvious the laser effect, and under the action of 694nm laser, the melanin absorption rate is about 1.4 times of 755nm and about 4 times of 1064nm. At the same time, it shows that the 694nm ruby laser melanin absorption is the highest and can fully affect the target tissue. The absorption rate of melanin decreases with increasing wavelength. The longer the wavelength, the less the melanin absorption, and the higher the amount of energy needed for treatment.
Therefore, in terms of melanin absorption, the 694nm ruby laser can use lower energy to achieve significant therapeutic effects and minimize side effects when doing the laser treatment for freckles.
2. Melanin has a high ratio of absorbed energy to blood, less competitive hemoglobin absorption.
Besides, there is a red line that cannot be ignored, that is, the absorption of hemoglobin at these three wavelengths. We can see that these three wavelengths of laser light hit the skin and absorb energy to melanin and blood. When we consider that the wavelength has strong absorption of melanin, we cannot ignore its absorption of blood because When both blood and melanin can be absorbed, melanin has no comparative advantage.
laser treatment for freckles
Since blood is not the object we want to process, we don't want the blood to absorb energy too well, because the better the blood absorbs energy, the more energy it takes to process melanin.
The absorption of energy by non-targets (blood), in addition to enhancing the overall energy output to obtain a certain degree of stimulation of melanin, will also bring unnecessary side effects, such as redness, subcutaneous bleeding, anti-melanin, etc., extending the recovery time. It also increases the risk of side effects such as pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, and hypopigmentation.
Therefore, the better the absorbed energy ratio of melanin to the blood, the less competitive absorption of hemoglobin, the better the laser effect. According to the ratio calculation in the figure, at 694nm, the absorbed energy ratio of melanin to blood is 80 times better, the absorbed energy ratio of melanin to blood at 755nm is 50 times better, and the absorbed energy ratio of melanin to blood at 1064nm is only 16 times higher, compared to, In this case, the effect of 694nm is about 1.5 times better than 755nm, and about 5 times better than 1064nm.
Therefore, the advantage of the 694nm ruby laser is that it has a higher melanin absorption rate and less competitive absorption of hemoglobin, which means that it can achieve effects at a lower energy level, greatly reducing the opportunities for the above-mentioned side effects and shortening recovery time reduces the number of freckle removal treatments required. Therefore patients can save the freckle removal cost.

3. Sufficient penetration depth


laser treatment for freckles


When choosing the laser wavelength for pigmented skin problems, there is another condition that is equally important when the above two conditions are met. That is, the penetration depth of these wavelengths into the skin must reach the dermal layer to effectively improve the pigment from the superficial layer to the deeper layer of the skin. Sex lesions.
Although the above figure does not identify the laser skin penetration depth of three wavelengths of 694nm, 755nm, and 1064nm, it is not difficult to see the penetration depth of the skin based on the penetration depth corresponding to the wavelength range and the combination of different wavelengths in the figure below All three wavelengths can effectively penetrate the dermis of the skin.
In other words, the 694nm wavelength laser has sufficient penetration depth for pigmented lesions to reach the true skin layer and can achieve a good freckle removal treatment effect on various pigmented lesions from the epidermis to the dermis. 
Above all the above analysis of the three-wavelength laser 694nm, 755nm, 1064nm, 694nm is the best to do laser treatment for freckles. We believe that you have known which laser is suitable to do the laser freckle removal treatment, if you want to know more about the machines, please contact us. 
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