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How to get the best portable fractional CO2 laser

As time goes by, skin problems gradually show up. Such as, sagging skin, acne scars, age spots, wrinkles especially after the surgery. It's simply miserable!
portable fractional CO2 laser

Don’t worry, portable fractional co2 laser can help solve these problems. Help you regain beauty and confidence.
What is portable fractional co2 laser?
Portable fractional co2 laser produces a beam of 10,600nm light with energy.

Applications of CO2 laser:

CO2 laser for gynecological treatment

However, there are so many CO2 fractional laser machines, how to get the best one? The following information will help you get your idea.

What is the best portable CO2 fractional laser machine?
1. High-quality laser beam and good transmission rate

2. Humanized design, comfortable and safe

3. Good before and after service

Is portable fractional CO2 laser painful?

Most patients would find the pain minimal and often describe the sensation similar to prickling. However, you can apply anesthesia or ice to the area before operation. it will ensure a painless even comfortable treatment. 

How much does a portable CO2 laser cost?
Portable fractional co2 laser is a cost-effective machine. As you know, BESTVIEW is a professional beauty laser manufacturer with decades of experience. We have a dedicated R&D center and production team. If you are interested in the product, please contact us ASAP. Our sales staff will contact you immediately and provide you professional sale plan and price list according your needs.

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