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There are many types of hair removal machines on the market, such as IPL, OPT, DPL. But do you know the connection and the difference between them? This post will help you to get to know them and understand them.
IPL hair removal

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a continuous multi-wavelength, incoherent light in the wavelength range of 500nm to 1200nm. Since it can emit multiple wavelengths of light at the same time, it can cover multiple absorption peaks of multiple target chromophores such as melanin, oxidised haemoglobin, water, etc.

OPT, optimal pulse technology or Perfect Pulse Technology. It is a strong pulsed light launched by the American Scientific Medical Company. At present, there are three generations of instruments on the market, including King Style, King's Heart (M22), and King's Crown (M22 RFX). It eliminates the energy peak of healing energy. That is, during treatment, several sub-pulses it sends out can achieve square wave output.

OPT Technology is a great leap in photorejuvenation technology, which greatly expands the application ranges of IPL technology. Compared with traditional photorejuvenation, OPT technology has more excellent efficacy and safety.
OPT is a uniform square wave, which can effectively control the whole treatment process
Eliminate the energy peak that exceeds the treatment energy at the initial part and improve safety;
Avoid the subsequent pulse energy attenuation and cannot reach the treatment range, and improves the clinical effectiveness

DPL or Delicate Pulse Light, that is Precision pulsed light. In addition to the DPL mode, there is also a NIR infrared light wave mode (boosting flexibility).
Solve vascular problems (red blood streaks, facial flushing, acne marks),
Deal with pigmentation problems (pigmentation, dull skin tone, uneven skin tone)
Skin rejuvenation, shrink pores
Improve pores and other problems.

500nm~600nm wavelength: This is the best band for the absorption of oxyhaemoglobin and reduced haemoglobin. Therefore it is sensitive to capillary dilation and skin.
550nm~650nm wavelength: This band is mainly absorbed by melanin and haemoglobin. Therefore, It is better used for the treatment of freckles and vascular diseases, as well as for the whitening of spots.
Therefore, we can conclude the following:
IPL, General Intense Pulsed Light 
OPT, Constant current output, no attenuation of the energy of each sub-pulse, and all square waves.
DPL, Precision Pulsed Light
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