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Imagine this, a machine can help you build muscle without body fitness. Do you want to give it a try? That sounds very interesting. That is true, and it's the slim beauty machine that does the work.  
Slim beauty machine is that kind of device for "lazy" people, and maybe they have no time to do the workout in the gym. Or they don't want to sweat or exhaust them to have muscles. But everyone deserves a good figure, regardless of man or woman.
Our company is a professional slim beauty machine manufacturer in China. With more than 15 years of experience, we have built our laser R&D department to develop and update our devices. The reason we can do this is that we will spend a lot of money on innovation. And that's the future of a company. 


First, let me introduce the machine theory in simple English. 

This slim beauty machine uses HI-EMT technology to reshape the muscle structure to make it stronger. What's important is that this machine can reduce fat while making the muscles stronger. Amazing! It is just what the "lazy" and "busy" people need! 

slim beauty machine


Second, what are the detailed applications of the slim beauty machine? Ok, here you are! 

Applications for women


1. Thin Should Be Thin: Slim Beauty has a particular muscle-building model for different parts, so you can raise your hips, reduce thigh fat, thin arms, and increase abdominal muscles without losing your chest.


2. Look at the chest in front, buttock in the back: No matter what type of butt you have ("H" Type, "O" Type, "A" type, or "V" Type), can Slim Beauty help you change sexy hip.


3. Postpartum Lady "Belly": Non-invasive technology to improve the separation of rectus abdominis. It is the perfect solution for mothers to lose weight and maintain health at the same time after giving birth.


Applications for man

1. Extreme muscle training beyond muscle movement limits, easy to have abdominal muscles, and mermaid line.

2. During regular exercise, the brain sends information to stimulate motor neurons, but only 20%~30% of the muscle fibers are active.

3. Slim Beauty uses HI-EMT technology to directly stimulate motor neurons, causing nearly 100% of muscle fibers to be active.

4. It can efficiently burn fat cells and excrete them through metabolism; 

5. It can quickly increase muscle tissue and protein chains, increase muscle thickness and density, and 6. strengthen muscles rapidly, allowing men to have perfect abdominal muscles and mermaid lines easily.


Third, how to use the machine to do the body shaping treatment? 

Below images will show you the treatment scene! Isn't it effortless? You just need to lie down, haha.

slim beauty machine manufacturer


Fourthly, you doubt the treatment effect? 

Check below before, and after images, then you will believe. 

slim beauty machine supplier
slim beauty machine supplier

For more information about the slim beauty machine price or more information, please just contact us, our sales engineer will contact you within 24 hours. 

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