Many beauty spas usually launch many services, such as hair removal, body slimming, skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal, etc. If you just start your spa, it’s a good idea to buy the multifunction machine that has several functions. So you can save the much costs. 


Bestview is the laser beauty equipment manufacturer, we have more than 15 years of experience in the laser machine manufacturing industry. In this post, we will share our multifunctional machine for your spa. 

multifunctional machine

DIODE Laser + SHR+ND.YAG Laser Machine Working Theory:


Short for Super Hair Removal, SHR is the updated version of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), with faster efficacy and more working manners in virtue of Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT), which are based on Selective Light Absorption principle, Pyrolysis of Light and Biological Stimulation principle. According to the special functions of every specific wavelength, hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne eliminating, skin condition improving and other effects can be achieved.



The 808nm diode laser can radiate near-infrared optical waves, intense light pulses, which will reach the deep root of follicles, scattering and heating the pigments in them. And the strong pulses are very short so that they not only can destroy quickly targeted hair follicles but also does no harm to neighboring tissues, thus realizing the efficacy of permanent hair removal. With the metabolism, the damaged target tissue is excreted. At the same time, because of the advanced cooling system, it won’t bring any pain for you. 



Adopting light-induced blasting theory, ND.YAG laser can penetrate skin epidermis and finally reach its deep layer within the ultra-pulsed time of microsecond or millisecond grade. In this way, the pigment granules inside of skin can be crushed and then popped out of body immediately or carried away slowly after being swallowed by macro phages. Since laser with specific wavelength is capable of going deep into pigment-diseased tissues, superficial layer and normal skin won’t be damaged at all.


DIODE Laser + SHR+ND.YAG Laser Advantages:

For IPL / SHR:

Fast hair removal, can be fired 10 times / second (10 HZ) as fast as Laser Diode.

Lamp imported from Germany, 400000-500000 shots can be reached

Five filters meet your different treatment demands


For Diode Laser: 

Big spot size 15*15mm or 20*20mm optional.

12 best-quality laser bars imported from “USA-COHERENT”.

The laser generator has 50 ~ 80 million shots, long life time.

Safe permanent hair removal on all skin types (I, II,III, IV, V, VI).


For Nd.YAG Laser:

3 types of laser(532nm / 1064nm / 1320nm). Suitable for all skin types and tattoos.

Maximum power can reach 1600mj. Other laser can usually reach only1000mj

1-10Hz. This laser can be fired at 10 shots per second maximum and the treatment is much faster. The normal laser is only 1-5Hz or 6Hz.


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