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Q-switch Laser Treatment Precautions

Our company Bestview is a professional Q switch laser treatment manufacturer in China. We have our R&D team developing our own laser generators. In this post, we will share the precautions after Q switch laser treatment.

What is Q Switch Laser?

The Q-switching technique is a technique in which a continuous or pulsed laser energy of a general output is compressed into a pulse of extremely narrow width, so that the peak power of the light source can be increased by several orders of magnitude.


The Working Principle Of Q-switch Laser Treatment

Using the selective photothermal principle of laser and the principle of blasting action of Q-switched laser, the precise dose of specific wavelength energy acts on the target chromophore in a very short time; the pigment particles in the skin are suddenly heated and ruptured and crushed. For the finer pigment particles, a part of the crushed pigment particles is exfoliated with the keratinocytes, and the other part is phagocytized by the macrophages in the body, and then the macrophages enter the lymphatic circulation and are excreted by the kidneys.

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What Are The Q-switch Laser Applications?

Freckles are spotted, sesame-like brown or light brown spots. The laser emitted by the Q-switched laser can smoothly penetrate the skin on the lesion, enter the lesion, and treat the pigment in the lesion. The freckle pigment is completely fragmented and collapsed under the powerful laser irradiation. Solution, then let it dissipate on its own.
Ota is a kind of birthmark. It is usually distributed around the eyelids, producing patches, or spots of blue, brown, black, or mixed colors. Laser treatment of Ota is to use the selective photothermal effect of light on different color objects, using different lasers with different nanometer values to selectively act on melanocytes in the dermis, so that it is instantly heated to gasification and pulverization, while other tissues of the skin are not Damaged, thereby removing melanin.


 Nowadays, due to pigment instability, design errors and fashion changes, there are more and more people who need to get rid of tattoos, lip liners and eyeliners. When a Q-switched laser with a specific wavelength is applied to an artificial dye, the dye molecules are vaporized, pulverized, and excreted, causing the color of the streaks to subside. This regression is seen at the time of treatment.


Port wine stains are common in the face, neck and scalp. The Q-switched laser technology utilizes hemoglobin in blood vessels to selectively absorb the energy released by a laser of a specific wavelength, resulting in damage and complete destruction of blood vessels, while the surrounding normal skin tissue is rarely absorbed, thereby achieving elimination of vascularity. The ideal effect of skin lesions without damaging normal tissue.
In addition, Q-switch laser can also treat sunspots, seborrheic keratosis, cantharidin, coffee spots, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation; Ito, Mongolian, blue sputum; chloasma, melanosis, partial pigmentation.

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Q-switch Laser Spot Removal Precautions

1. Pay attention to sunscreen

No matter which method of laser you are doing, the skin will be more fragile after treatment. During the day, you should use physical sunscreen products with sunscreen skin care to prevent secondary precipitation of postoperative melanin and avoid acceleration. Other skin problems such as facial spots.


2. Enough sleep

You should keep your mood comfortable and avoid excessive anxiety. It is a good helper to have enough skin to sleep.


3. Eat more vitamins Try to reject irritating foods

After the laser, you can eat more foods containing vitamins C and E or oral vitamin C. In addition, try to eat less irritating foods such as soy sauce, beef, pickles, shrimp, crab, wine, coffee, etc., to avoid the laser effect being affected, and the effect time is delayed. .


4, The use of skin repair products

Use the repair cream and repair mask, apply 4 times a day, add moisture to the skin of the laser to remove acne, so that the skin texture quickly restores the natural state.


5, Use mild products when skin care

Before applying the repair cream, you should use facial acid and cleansing soap that do not contain fruit acid, soap and therapeutic, because these facial cleansers are irritating to the laser skin, so it is not recommended to recover after laser. Used during the period.


Recommended Q-Switched Laser Machine

 Portable Laser Tattoo Removal Machine-Nd Yag Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

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Applications of Portable Laser Tattoo Removal Machine:

1, Different colors of tattoo removal
2, Tattoo removal on lip line, eyebrow, eyelid, body
3, Pigmentation removal
4, Age spot, birthmark, and Vascular removal
5, Onychomycosis
6, Skin rejuvenation, whiten, pores tightening (Carbon tip needed)
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