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Many people will have skin problems with ages, so they want to do skin rejuvenation treatment to improve the skin situation. This post we will share the professional skin rejuvenation machines that can solve the skin problems. 

Portable CO2 Fractional Laser Machine

Machine Working Principle

Target tissue skin becomes dark and aged before treatment. Use a laser to scan and treat target tissue, heat can be transmitted from the superficial skin to the dermis. Traumatic holes and holes between the normal tissue to produce thermal bridging, start the skin trauma repair mechanism(Inflammatory stage, proliferative phase, remodeling stage). Produce a large number of collagen new, to the leather frame structure reconstruction, facial contour sculpture, wrinkles disappear, delicate skin texture, acne soothing effect.

fractional co2 laser machine

Application of CO2 Fractional Laser Machine:

Skin resurfacing: Rough skin, coarse pores, dark skin, light damage, etc.

Wrinkles removal: Crow’s feet, headlines, Sichuan characters, decree lines, etc.

Pigment remove: Pigmented nevus, epidermal pigmentation

Epidermis cutting: All kinds of warts

Scar repair: Acne scar, hypertrophic scar, burn scar, sunken scar, etc.

Portable 4D HIFU Machine

HIFU Machine Working Principle

Adopting high intensity focused ultrasound, 4D HIFU can reach as deep as SMAS layer (3~4.5mm) and focus the heat energy produced by high-frequency vibration on one point. Then the interior heat is solidified from the exterior and contributes to the tightening as well as lifting effect of fascia, after which the subcutaneous structure is precisely improved from deep to shallow, shrinking aged collagen and stimulating its rebirth. It is unnecessary to worry about skin injury because the power is across the epidermis. Moreover, it has the functions of quick pulling, counters compacting and quick wrinkle smoothing.

Máquina hifu 4D

Features & Advantages Of 4D HIFU Machine:

1. Five treatment probes(1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 13mm) optional

2. 4D HIFU has a thermal stimulus for fatty and SMAS layers while produces heat effects for dermal collagen and collagenous fiber.

3. With the largest pulse width of 10mm, 4D HIFU can dot a maximum of 12 lines at a time, which reduces the operation time to a large extent and makes the energy point functioning on the skin more evenly.

4. Having more than 20000 shots, 4D HIFU can be used for a much longer time than other similar skin rejuvenation machines.

5. No pain and downtown time. The strict compliance between targeted area and setting value also supplies patients with a painless and comfortable experience. After treatment, you can go to work normally. 

6. 4D HIFU possesses fast tightening and body shaping efficacy which can last for at least 18~24 months.


Applications Of 4D HIFU Machine:

1. Activate Collagen: Recover skin elasticity Anti-aging.

2. Lifting: Lift slackness and regain smoothness on forehead, eyes, face, neck, etc

3. Tightening: Eliminate looseness and restore tightness

4. Suitable for all kinds of Wrinkles: Deep wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, eye wrinkles, corners crow’s feet, lips wrinkles, frown wrinkles, etc.

5. Shaping body: Eliminate fat and realize S-shape figure

Máquina hifu 4D


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