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Picosure laser is a beneficial laser in skin problems treatment. That’s because the picosure laser can damage the melanin into smaller particles. Many Spas and clinics have the picosure laser facial treatment, picosure laser wrinkle removal, and picosure laser tattoo removal treatment. 


Our company Bestview is a professional laser beauty equipment manufacturer in China; we have more than 15 years of experience in the laser industry. Now we have our R&D laser department, and we have a dust-free laboratory in our factory. We can custom the laser machine as per your requirement. 


In this post, we will introduce what makes our picosure laser machine different from others. 

picosure laser machine

1. We have our dust-free laboratory, which is very advanced in China. We have confidence in the picosure laser machine quality. All the machines will pass our internal quality control. 



2. South Korea imported 7- joint articulated arm

picosure laser machine

“Yellow numbers” shows the set value of spot diameter on the articulated arm

“Red numbers” shows the actual value of spot diameter after operation

3. PTP mode, LP mode, SP mode optional 

Global innovative technology PTP mode, transforming traditional single-pulse laser into double-pulse laser, emitting two nanosecond pulse lasers within 100 microsecond intervals.

picosure laser machine


4.  Whitening and rejuvenating for Long-pulse mode.

picosure laser machine


5.Flat-top hat beam mode, Uniform energy density.

Flat-top output mode, achieves uniform energy distribution, does not generate local hot spots, can be effectively absorbed by the target pigment base, and avoids normal skin from being injured.

picosure laser machine

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