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Some people who finished the fractional co2 laser freckle treatment, will find that their skin becomes dark. But please don’t worry, it is the normal phenomenon. Please don’t worry. 

Then what is the reason? 

In fact, many pigment spots are not only present on the epidermis but have a certain depth. The spots we see every day are very likely to be the "tip of the iceberg" rather than the full picture of the spots.

And laser freckle removal requires a certain amount of power to crush the entire iceberg.

Therefore, it will produce a certain degree of irritation to the skin and form very small wounds. The skin is prone to inflammation such as mild redness and swelling. Pigmentation will appear during the recovery process of inflammation, which is the anti-black phenomenon we see. Called "Pigmentation after inflammation", this is a normal response after laser treatment, without being overly stressed.

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Precautions after fractional co2 laser freckle removal:

  1. After the treatment, the skin is sensitive to heat, so avoid using hot water to clean the treatment area when washing your face. You should use warm or cold water to wash, and the action should be as gentle as possible during washing and do not rub hard;

  2. After the treatment is over, give timely replenishment of water, and use medical repair dressing (mask) under the guidance of the doctor

  3.  During the recovery period, do not touch the water in the treatment area, do not carry out skincare, do not makeup and rubbing;

  4. Strenuous exercise should not be carried out during the recovery period, so as to avoid excessive sweating and cause skin infection or delay the repair process;

  5. After treatment, give ice or cold spray according to the severity of the skin reaction;

  6. Fasting photosensitivity foods and drugs during treatment;

  7. The scab during the recovery period will usually fall off on its own in about 7-10 days, and it cannot be peeled off by hand to avoid pigmentation and scars;

  8. Pay attention to sun protection during the recovery period, apply sunscreen, and use umbrellas when going out.

The principle of fractional co2 laser freckle removal:

 Laser freckle removal is the use of high-energy laser beams to act on deep pigmented tissues, break them down, and excrete them out of the body, thereby achieving the effect of removing stains. It can selectively act on different skin tissues, as long as a specific light source is used to ensure that it only has an effect on stains, and does not affect normal skin tissues.

Does the laser thin the skin?

The skin has a powerful regeneration function. The epidermis is composed of multiple cell layers, and the dermis is mainly composed of collagen fibers, reticular fibers, and elastic fibers. Even if we do not undergo any treatment, they are constantly renewing themselves, the cycle is about 28 days.


As we age, our own metabolism will become slower and slower, and the renewal speed will not keep up with the natural loss rate, and improper skin care products will gradually thin the skin and lose its elasticity.

Why use the medical mask recommended by the doctor after laser freckle removal?


 Medical masks are often used in the auxiliary treatment of sensitive skin diseases such as allergic dermatitis after laser surgery. Sensitive skin can be secondary to skin diseases such as dermatitis and eczema. It can also be used for natural thin and tender skin, or improper skincare that makes facial skin appear to be exposed to sunlight, high temperature, wind, and sand, or even after using any ordinary cosmetics. Red and itchy feeling, this is because the barrier function of the skin has been damaged to a certain extent.


The medical mask can reduce the erythema after treatment, relieve pain, itching, tightness, and other discomforts, help the damaged skin to replenish moisture, accelerate the repair of the skin barrier, reduce its sensitivity, and resist various adverse external stimuli. Skin tolerance. At the same time, medical facial masks are also suitable for healthy skin, especially with the use of various cosmetics and external environmental damage, people’s skin burden is increasing. Regular use of medical facial masks 1-2 times a week is due to its low sensitivity and weak irritation. Features, can greatly reduce the damage to the skin and maintain the normal skin barrier.

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