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Applicable Range of LED PDT Skin Care Machine

 1) Remove freckles, sunburn, pigmentation, reduce solar damaged skin.
 2 ) Cure whelk, acne, and hair follicle inflammation
 3) Improve the expansion of the erythema of Erythema acne and blood capillary.
 4) Wrinkles removal, skin tighten and anti-aging.
 5) Narrow the bulky pore, improve rough skin
 6) Eliminate fatigue, improve sleep, relieve pressure, especially suitable for the sub-healthy crowds.
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 LED PDT Skin Care Machine Bestview


Working Principle of LED PDT Skin Care Machine

LED stands for light-emitting-diodes. It transfers light energy (here delivered by LEDs) to cell energy,  accelerate 
blood circulation, stimulating collagen proteins’ producing and increasing skin elasticity.In the treatment of acne, 
fine lines,pigmentation, acne scarring, rosacea and as a pain free alternative to facial surgery for skin rejuvenation.

 LED PDT Skin Care Machine Details

Characteristics of LED PDT Skin Care Machine

  1. 8 inch screen with large color touched, easy to operate;
  2. 7 colors: red, blue, yellow, red + blue, red + yellow, blue + yellow, red + blue + yellow;
  3. Total 1080pcs lamps, with very good quality, 2 years no need to change.
  4. High energy and strong penetration power
  5. The cure is less than the cost of IPL and laser
  6. Better effect, with short course (20 minutes), but the high cure rate.

ALICE LED PDT Skin Care Machine Treatment Before and After

 LED PDT Skin Care Machine Accessories Show
Technical Data of ALICE LED PDT Skin Care Machine
Medol  LED B8
Light Source  LED photobiology light
Color type and output wavelength 7 kinds
Red 640nm±5nm
Blue 470nm±5nm
Yellow 590nm±5nm
Red & Blue 640nm+470nm
Red & Yellow 640nm+590nm
Blue & Yellow 590nm+470nm
Red & Blue & Yellow 640nm+470nm+590nm
Light Output Model Continuous output/pulse model
LED Quantity 1080pcs
Spot Size 350×480mm2
Spot Size 350×480mm2
Timed Control 0-99min
Voltage Control Converter technique
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