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Cryolipolysis Body slimming Machine

Cryolipolysis Body slimming Machine For Sale

Applications of this Cryolipolysis Body Slimming Machine

1. Fat reduction  
2. Body slimming
3. Face thinner, skin tightening
4. To promote and accelerate the body’s metabolism 
5. Small size of crio handle for small area treatment, for example neck, under legs, arms…
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Cryolipolysis Body slimming Machine Price

Cryolipolysis was showed to be the most effective way to reduce fat, which is a no-surgical replacement to liposuction. Cryolipolysis is an important part of "cryogenic" and "lipolysis" In a word, and is used to destroy fat cells. the procedure can also be known as fat freezing
The Fat freezing technology operation can produce amazing effective results, especially for people dieting and doing exerce often but still eliminating fat on their abdominal, buttock top, back fat and waist, actually is a great gift.

How Does Cryolipolysis Body slimming Machine Work

Working Principle 

Using the feature that the triglycerides in fat will turn into solid under specified low temperature, cro body slimming machine transmit low temperature wave that is precisely controlled into appointed de-fatting position through noninvasive emitter. As a result, the targeted fatty cells begin to decompose and disappear naturally, making fat layers reduce little by little in the process of normal metabolism.

Advantages of  Cryolipolysis Body Slimming Machine

1. 4 (2big+2small) crio headpieces, working together and seperately, can do the treatment for whole body   
2. 2 metal plates decoration makes the hand piece much more high-end than the original plastic one.
3. Double channel crio technology controls the treatment temperature at 0~2℃ or lower, so no pain at all.
4. With gracious appearance, our machine will become a landscape as soon as it’s placed in your beauty salon.
5. As one of the most effective way of shrinking fat layers, this machine is able to reduce fat by 20% at average.
6. Choosing crio beauty machine, you needn’t  worry about rebound.
7. There won’t appear the phenomena of irregularity, bleeding or swelling after treatment.
8. The whole process can be completed without surgery or anesthesia.
9. Portable Cryolipolysis Machine price is more economical for spa use.
10. Cryolipolysis Machine with five headpieces that one is for double chin removal has been provided.
You may know
Cryolipolysis Machine received high reputation at COSMOPROF Asia 2018

Cryolipolysis Before and After

Technical Data of Cryolipolysis Machine
Data of Cryolipolysis Body slimming Machine
Model BM-606
Power Supply Output1500W
Ultrasonic power1~50W/ CM2
The vacuum pressure0~-1Mpa
Handpiece Number 4  (2 large and 2 small )
Refrigeration system Water + Wind + + semiconductors + gel cooling
Cooling skin<=0℃~-10℃
LCD Display Main screen: 10.4, A,B,C,D: 3.5
LanguageEnglish, Spanish, Italian etc
Cooling temperature10℃~-10℃
Packing size103x60x49cm
Gross weight  68kg
Voltage 220V/110V

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