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Cavitation RF Vacuum Body Slimming 5 in 1 Machine

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Characteristic of Cavitation + RF + Vacuum Body Slimming Machine

1. Long life, quick return
2. Suitable for all skin,can be used for facial and body
3. One machine with three technologies:Cavitation,Radiofrequency.Vacuum
4. Different models to choose during treatment,easy to learn and operate.
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Working Principle 

Ultrasound Cavitation technology produces a concentrated energy which can disrupt the subcutaneous fat cells.The fat will be turned into triglycerides and released into the interstitial fluid between the cells. Water-soluble glycerol travels into circulatory system and contributes to new energy generation whereas the insoluble free fatty acids enters the liver, most patients will see the effect after a single treatment.

Screen of Vavitation RF Vacuum Machine
Vavitation RF Vacuum Accessories Show
Cavitation Treatment Before and After

Cavitation Technical Data

Technical Data of Cavitation RF
Model  BM-188
Output Power 500W
Technology  Cavitation+ Radiofrequency+ Vacuum
Fraquency of Cavitation   40KHz
Monopolar RF 5 MHZ
Tripolar RF   5 MHZ
Multipolar RF   5 MHZ
Pressure of Vacuum   1000 Kpa
Handpieces  5( Monopolar RF¡ Tripolar RF Multipolar RF Ultrasonic Cavitation; Vacuum Liposuction)
Packing size  53x54x62cm
Gross weight  23kg
Voltage 220V AC 1 110V AC, 50-60 HZ

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