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Velashape Body Slimming Machine

Velashape Machine

Velashape Functions
1, Post-natal repair for body sculpting.
2, Improve the orange peel tissue, body reshaping, and body shaping for liposuction shrink
3, Body fat, wrinkle removal, melting fat, body sculpting and lifting (arm, leg, shoulder, waist, buttocks)
4, To alleviate the muscle pain, the body treatments, etc.
5, To improve stretch marks for different degrees
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Velashape Introduction

This Velashape machine adopts vacuum technology, the early vacuum technology is used in medicine for recovery after scar removal and liposuction surgery, then technological progress, vacuum technology is applied to the deep massage to promote the cell to do aerobic exercise, has extraordinary detoxification and healthy, has a good effect on improving the orange peel organization, highlighting the “healthy body sculpture.
Velashape Principle
1, To use the impedance of the near-infrared laser: To lower impedance of the RF energy on epidermis through the skin temperature rise, and to guide the RF (radio frequency) energy to concentrate into the connective tissue.
2, To use the negative pressure which caused by the mechanical movement, to get the RF penetration depth to 5 ~ 15mm, and use the rollers to pick up and stretch different cortex fibers, to decompose of subcutaneous fat by squeezing capillaries, lymphatic vessels effectively, prompting the human metabolism.
3, To use the negative pressure technology for skin folding, use the radio frequency energy to fold skin directly through the two layers, greatly improving the efficacy and safety.
4, The independent RF treatment, with the deep heating, break down the fat greatly, body shaping, and improve the blood circulation.

Screen of Velashape
Features of Velashape
Vacuum: 400-800 mbar, blood circulation increased, cell metabolism promoted.
Bipolar RF: radiofrequency 200W 1Mhz penetrates the skin depth 5-15mm, for strong treatment of stretch marks.
Infrared laser light: 650nm wavelength, 20 W power, adjusting skin impedance so that RF energy directly reaches impedance, smoothing the uneven skin and tightening the skin.
Mechanical wheel: To perform a deep massage and enhance the penetration depth of RF and heat, thereby the fat layer is more effectively realized.
Velashape Accessories Show
Details of Velashape
1. Control system: made up of the true color touch LCD screen, power switch and microcomputer control system, etc.
2. Vacuum and roller system.
3. RF: high-power RF output system.
4. Soft laser system: 650nm semiconductor laser technology.
Four Handpieces
 Roller direction 
     Roll in (two wheels of the big hand-piece 
     roll toward inside)
     Roll out (two wheels of the big hand-piece 
     roll toward outside)
     Roll up (two wheels of the big hand-piece roll 
     up or down in different speed)
     Normal (two wheels of the big hand-piece roll 
     up or down in same speed)

Valashape Treatment Before and After
Technical Data of Valashape

Parametros of Valashape
Model   BM-906
Power  1500W
Numbers of handpiece 4
Main screen 10 inch Color Touch LCD
Big handpiece 2.4 inch
Small handpiece 1.9  inch
Roller direction  Roll in. Roll out. Roll up. Normal
RF energy 60J/cm³ (max)
RF Frequency 1HZ
Infrared power 20W (max)
Laser 650nm
Rated current  6.8A
  Packing size 57 x 78 x125cm
Weight  93kg
Working Voltage AC220V±10%, 50Hz/110V±10%, 60Hz

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